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DWEEBS Watermelon & Cherry

DWEEBS Watermelon & Cherry

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Guess who's back? DWEEBS! These candies made their debut in the early '90s, and after nearly three decades, they've returned to satisfy your nostalgic cravings.

DWEEBS candy brings you a symphony of sweetness, crunch, tang, and untamed flavors in exciting combinations!

Indulge in this delightful pairing of watermelon and cherry - two flavors that have been best buddies since the beginning of time!

The sweet, refreshing essence of watermelon meets the zesty kick of tart cherry in a flavor explosion!

With a 45g dual-chamber box, you have the freedom to savor each flavor separately or together, in any quantity you desire!

For endless flavor adventures, experiment by mixing them with other DWEEBS boxes!

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