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Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry Peg Bag - (141g)

Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry Peg Bag - (141g)

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Indulge in your beloved Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry flavor all on its own, just the way you've always craved!

During the summer of 2022, SOUR PATCH KIDS enthusiasts from all over the USA cast their votes for their preferred SOUR PATCH KIDS candy flavor, and the victor was – BLUE RASPBERRY! In celebration of this winning flavor, SOUR PATCH KIDS introduced JUST BLUE SOUR PATCH KIDS candy packs. These quickly flew off the shelves everywhere and became exceedingly hard to find... But no worries, because we're Sweetclusive – your ultimate source for all things sweet, delicious, and rare – and we've got a solid stock of these incredibly tasty Sour Patch Kids!

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