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Sour Patch Kids Red, White & Blue Box (87g) - Limited Edition

Sour Patch Kids Red, White & Blue Box (87g) - Limited Edition

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Sour Patch Kids candy are mischievous treats that start with a burst of sourness and end with sweet delight. These soft, chewy, and incredibly fun candies come in patriotic colors, perfect for summertime!

You'll find flavors like Blue Raspberry (Blue), Redberry (Red), and Lemon (White) in every bag. With red, white, and blue Sour Patch Kids candies on hand, you can add extra fun to BBQs, beach days, road trips, pool parties, and more. Whether it's a holiday celebration, Olympic-watching, or just an everyday treat, Sour Patch Kids candy is a must. Fill up candy jars and goodie bags, surprise your guests and little ones at the movies, or create care packages with this playful confection!
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