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Van Holten's Jumbo Sour Tart & Tangy Pickle

Van Holten's Jumbo Sour Tart & Tangy Pickle

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"Big, Juicy, and Delicious" – that's how you can sum up Van Holten's Dill Pickles in just three words! These mouthwatering pickles-in-a-pouch are great for adding to dishes or enjoying as a quick snack on the go. Our Hearty Dill flavor is the ultimate choice for pickle enthusiasts!

Here's an interesting fact: our pickles are fat-free and almost always calorie-free*! That's right – you can relish our sizable, juicy, and flavorful pickles while knowing they're a healthy choice that's also packed with wonderful antioxidants.

*Keep in mind that depending on the pickle flavor, one pickle may contain up to 10 calories.
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